With its rich history, vibrant culture and diverse neighbourhoods, London is probably the world’s most interesting city to live in. It is why the market for residential property is so fast, so varied and so competitive.
Local knowledge is paramount in London, and we have oodles of it.
Our advice is expert, impartial, detailed and bespoke to you.
Your brief is our template so we make it incisive. It’s not just the type of property you want to rent or buy; it’s the ambience you seek, the services you need and the culture you prefer that we want to know about. No detail is too small; including those you may not have thought of. The result is a focused, effective and personal search delivering the perfect property. We typically reject 95% of the properties we view for our clients because being ‘good enough’ simply isn’t.
We will give you an impartial opinion, telling you what you need to hear, not what others want you to hear. It’s impossible for an individual buyer to know every subtle shade of London’s property market, but we do, and our knowledge is your advantage. This expertise is as invaluable to our British clients as it is to overseas buyers. If we think somewhere is wrong for you, we’ll tell you so, and exactly why.
We know time is invaluable to you. If you are based abroad, or have little time spare after family and business you don’t want to spend it on fruitless property searches. In London we personally check out every viable property as soon it becomes available. If a property is right for you , you will be the first to see it. If it’s not right, we will not waste your time.
Our clients are as individual as the properties we find. Whether you are based within the United Kingdom or overseas, you will be one of the handful of select clients we take on each year, guaranteed our personal attention and a fruitful outcome.
Because many of our clients are skilled negotiators in their own right, they appreciate the value we add to the process. Our expert knowledge of the property market allied with true independence and impartiality is the key to avoiding all the potential purchase pitfalls and securing the best value for our clients.
A home is an emotional investment as well as a financial one. This works both ways so we work hard to make sure our clients have preferred buyers status with the sellers.
We are naturally collaborative in style ensuring our meticulous due diligence begins with the search and remains full circle until each goal has been achieved. We will provide a professional report that includes the strength and weaknesses of the purchase, as well as cultural and environmental considerations, local and regional planning applications, structural survey, comparable sales information and anything else we identify as being relevant to you. On the day of completion we personally check each property before approving the handover to make sure everything is as it should be.
Our team ethos is simple. We take on a limited number of clients each year and provide a truly personal service, becoming not just your eyes and ears, but your trusted advisor and intelligent negotiator. In London’s property maze, for purchase or rental, we are the expert guide.
Past clients, wary of the expensive pitfalls people encounter in London property, say our support is a wise investment. It’s also a simple one, with a two-part fee structure. An initial retainer ensures a dedicated search (so no other clients can request a similar search) then an agreed fee is payable on exchange.
Contact our London Specialists today
Nina Harrison
London Specialist

A native of Kensington & Chelsea, Nina has twenty years' experience in buying properties for end users and investors and in sourcing rental properties for tenant clients. As well her London experience in international relocation, Nina lived in Sydney, Australia as a corporate tenant for seven years making her uniquely understanding of the subtleties and stresses of moving from overseas to a major city. With extensive experience in property lettings and management Nina is also particularly well-placed to advise investor clients on the Prime Central and Prime Peripheral London lettings market.

Toby Downes
London Specialist

Toby joined Haringtons in 2023 having spent 17 years working in Prime Central London at 3 top London Estate agencies. He has extensive knowledge of both the Super Prime Development market and Prime Central London Residential market and an extensive Global address book. Strong relationships with clients and his proven track record underpin his work, he ensures they receive an unparalleled service.

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