March 10, 2008
Interesting times…
Legend has it that there is a notorious ancient Chinese curse that says “may you live in interesting times” which, as curses go, sounds like a mild form of punishment but becomes more worrying, the longer one thinks about it. A little like the w… Read more
June 14, 2007
The Prime Country House Market
Over the thirty years I have been involved in the market, there has always been a question at the end of each year as to what house prices will do the following spring when the market emerges from its winter hibernation. Read more
December 14, 2006
An astonishing year for prime London property
When I sat down with clients at the beginning of the year, I was asked what I expected to happen to prices. My intuition was that prices would rise rather than fall. At the time it seemed likely that this rise could be in the order of 10-15%, driven… Read more
Bear in mind the WOW factor
When people talk about the UK property market they could be referring to anything from a bungalow in the Orkneys to an office block in the City of London. When we talk about it we mean country houses, estates and London homes worth in excess of 2m. … Read more
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