Beyond the call of duty


The British country house market is a vast and richly varied picture, with many different layers depending on area and price range, so trying to come up with a ‘one-size-fits-all’ comment can be something of a struggle - but some universal truths seem to be emerging. George Osborne’s 2015 parting … [Read more...]

How’s the market?

How's the market thumbnail.

There is a general truism in life that says if you ask ten people to describe the same event, you’ll get ten very different accounts, all seen from subtly different perspectives; this is partly why insurance companies are frequently confronted by two wildly differing accounts of the same car … [Read more...]

Where do you find your properties?

Saul Empson, Director at Haringtons explains his property finding sources People often ask where we find our properties and, without wanting to sound evasive, the straight answer is anywhere and everywhere we can; towards the lower end of the market price-wise, a high proportion will be on the … [Read more...]