Rental Search

Haringtons’ client policy for rental search is exactly the same as it is for buying. We don’t take on too many clients, allowing us to work on an exclusive basis and we will not take on a client whose brief overlaps with another.

We advise

Lettings agents act for Landlords, not the tenant, whatever the agent may imply. With Haringtons you have a professional who has no connection with the Landlord representing you throughout the process.

Clients need to rent for all sorts of reasons; you might be newly arrived in the country and want to ‘test’ an area before buying. You may not be planning to stay more than few years but want to live well while you’re here.

You might be renovating your home and know that it will be quicker and easier if you’re not living there at the same time. You might have sold in one place and want to wait for the absolute ‘right’ property to come up and are prepared to rent until that happens.

Some clients may live primarily in the country and decide to rent in London – a pied a terre – but want to be able to move quickly and easily if they need to. Others decide to move within the city itself, often for reasons to do with schools.

The factors that link our clients are lack of time, lack of access to properties that are being quietly marketed for rental, lack of knowledge about what is and isn’t fair and legal in the sometimes murky world of rentals and an often deserved suspicion of lettings agents. We stand alongside you as trusted advisors.

We know which agents are reliable and professional, we are familiar with Landlord & Tenant law and having the Haringtons name means the agents will move quickly to secure you a property in the face of competition.

We negotiate the price and the terms

We know why a property is ‘sticking’ on the market and whether it’s worth asking for work to be done.

We talk to the agents about what the Landlord really wants – because it isn’t always money.

We can recognise a property that will fly off the books and know when to advise you to move swiftly to secure it.

We make sure you have everything in place in advance and we know exactly what expectations Landlords and their agents will have for their ideal tenant.

Aspects of Landlord & Tenant law can seem archaic, tenancy agreements too long at 30 pages, rules and regulations in certain apartment blocks unfair – we can make sense of them all or ask for adjustments where we know it’s possible.

We help after the deal is done

Moving into a rented property can be more complicated than moving into a property you’ve bought because the Landlord is an ongoing presence and some providers are harder on tenants than they are on owner occupiers.

We help you negotiate through the process as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

We will make sure the property has been professionally cleaned to a high standard before you move in and that all negotiated works have been completed satisfactorily.

We advise on the process of switching utilities, post forwarding and access to local facilities.

We’ll make sure you have been advised by the Landlord’s agent well in advance of your initial term of commitment coming to an end so you can make a decision on renewing, proposed rent increases, terminating or asking for improvements.

Above all, we know that maintaining a respectful relationship between all parties is absolutely key to a happy tenancy.