We are highly skilled negotiators.

Finding a property is one thing. Securing it at the right price is another. We buy the best property on the best terms.

Whilst our clients are often skilled negotiators themselves, they find that this part of our service is as valuable as the finding of the property. We are familiar with all the potential pitfalls, and we conduct a “due diligence” process to steer each client through to a successful conclusion.

We stop the “the stiff legged terrier syndrome”.

It’s not always only about price. We get the vendors to see our clients as the preferred buyers and we make sure they have a good relationship with our clients throughout the negotiations.

Selling agents want the right person, not just the highest bid. We ensure they see Haringtons clients as the best buyers.

Remember, the selling agent has no regard for your interests. It’s vital to have the very best team working for you.

We introduce a top professional team – lawyers, surveyors, planning consultants, land agents, architects, and so on. We are the lynchpin and work with all of them together, acting as the interface.

We get the vendor to see us as the buyer. – Jonathan Harington