Spring forward, Fall back

Prime Country Property Market Review. In years gone by the seasons were predictable, and spring officially started when the clocks went forward by an hour and autumn arrived when the clocks went back, giving most of the country the luxury of an extra hour in bed. Lately, however, the seasons feel … [Read more...]

The London Roller Coaster

Prime Central London Market Review It’s tough to remember a financial rollercoaster ride more violent than the one that the poor old London property market has been on over the last forty-eight months. We have seen the net effects of the last ten-year boom bust and recovery of 1985-95 compressed … [Read more...]

Bear in mind the WOW factor


When people talk about the UK property market they could be referring to anything from a bungalow in the Orkneys to an office block in the City of London. When we talk about it we mean country houses, estates and London homes worth in excess of 2m. And the best word to describe this market in the … [Read more...]