How’s the market?

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There is a general truism in life that says if you ask ten people to describe the same event, you’ll get ten very different accounts, all seen from subtly different perspectives; this is partly why insurance companies are frequently confronted by two wildly differing accounts of the same car … [Read more...]

Now you see them, now you don’t…

Market Comment Thumbnail - Spring 2016

A popular device among novelists is to take the hero of the story down a tortuous road and then dribble misfortune after misfortune on his head, until the reader really begins to wonder “whatever next”? Over the last 20 years, it feels as if we have staggered from Dot-com-bomb, Russian debt … [Read more...]

Should I stay or should I go?

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Market Comment, Autumn 2015 As I write this in October, it seems clear that the Indian summer of the last few weeks is finally over and, as the joyful colours of autumn spread across the countryside and six months after the election, it would seem like a good time to reflect on the prime country … [Read more...]

The Law of unintended consequences

Market Comment-April-2015

Once again it's election season and - contrary to what we read in the papers - I genuinely think that most people are fundamentally good by nature; at home, they love their families and when they go to work, they try to do the best they can and, whether it be sweeping the streets, teaching a new … [Read more...]

Mind the Gap

Prime Country Property Market Review. In our Spring Market Review we commented that the country had experienced one of the wettest winters on record, and as the seasons change once again, following the driest September since 1910, it seems a good time to reflect on the Prime Country Property … [Read more...]

A Post-Christmas Carol

Prime Central London Property Market Review. “God bless us, every one!” cried Tiny Tim at the end of Dickens’s A Christmas Carol, at which point the reader could safely put down the book, with a glisten in his or her eye, and reflect on how well everything had turned out. And so it seems with the … [Read more...]