The best and the rest

Country property market review. The question that has all house-buyers chewing their fingernails is whether ‘now’ is the right time to buy? Are prices just about to soar, or will things get cheaper if they wait? At the beginning of last year there was doom and gloom and it looked as though we would … [Read more...]

Central London Property Market Review

In spring 2008, I commented that it felt as though we were being visited by the old Chinese curse “may you live in interesting times” and, whilst it was then pretty clear in the aftermath of the nationalisation of Northern Rock that ‘some-thing’ was happening, it wasn’t entirely clear as to what … [Read more...]

Bear in mind the WOW factor


When people talk about the UK property market they could be referring to anything from a bungalow in the Orkneys to an office block in the City of London. When we talk about it we mean country houses, estates and London homes worth in excess of 2m. And the best word to describe this market in the … [Read more...]